Edwing A Medina

I hired them to install an outdoor speaker system in my backyard. They responded to the request for quotes the quickest. Their appointment time to schedule an at-home visit followed incredibly soon thereafter, and was at a convenient time for my family. As if that weren't awesome enough, Juan contacted me TWO DAYS BEFORE MY APPOINTMENT time to check and see if they could come by my house since they ended a previous job early and were relatively nearby. Who does that!??! THESE GUYS! That's customer service!

When they got to my house, they were professional, courteous, attentive, creative, open-minded, bilingual (if we needed that), cost-conscious, and honest. Juan and the Smart IT team felt like family... the family you like and rely on (and not the other kind!). Realizing we had experts who knew what they were doing, we actually asked them to include an outdoor TV install in our gazebo in their quote, which they did. The whole at-home quote visit took less than 20 minutes. But that's all the time they needed to fully understand our needs. Within HOURS, I had an email from Juan and Smart IT that included everything we asked for, including brand names, and all "hidden" fees explicitly written out.

Their quote was, honestly, the only one we pursued. Why? Because sometimes, you just have to trust your gut and believe in your fellow human being. Rather than penny-pinch and shop around, perhaps potentially getting what you pay for (i.e. cheaper = less), we decided to work with the Smart IT team. For example, instead of going with the outdoor speakers they had recommended (which they had worked with several times on other projects and really liked), we decided to go with a different model slightly less expensive. In so doing, we were able to add an extra speaker to the backyard set-up. This meant having Smart IT amend their beautiful estimate to reflect these changes. I was almost afraid to ask Juan to do so, and yet, when I did, he was totally excited because he said "This is going to sound so much better than before!" That, right there, told me everything I needed to know about this project and how Smart IT was viewing it: They were looking at it as if it was theirs and ours, so that they seemed to care about the quality of the job and the resulting experience this new audio environment would provide in our backyard, almost as if it was their backyard! You can't ask for better allies in a project.

Once I received the speakers I wanted, the guys were ready to go. They came about 10 minutes earlier than expected, but right on time based on the play-by-play texts that I received since I couldn't be present on the actual day and left my family to be there for them. They texted me when they were coming, when they arrived (before ringing the bell), and then later on as we needed to communicate.

The Smart IT team was quick yet thorough. They were neat and sensitive to the backyard's fruits and vegetables areas, the existing visible landscaping, and the electronics and wiring between the house and the speaker locations. And when there was a little technical boo-boo (that was totally not their fault but ours), they communicated the issue (instead of trying to hide it), and then worked with us to expedite the repairs, so that the installation could be completed as quickly as possible.

The job was completed within the estimated amount of time and it sounded incredible. Since my family is not necessarily tech-savvy, Juan and Smart IT were patient in explaining everything, communicated in layman's English, and made sure that we all knew how to use the new system(which included an awesome new Sonos amp).

Billing was as explained (with half as deposit and half at completion), and all receipts were provided.