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What Is a Smart Home?

If you’ve been paying attention to technology for the last few years, then you’ve likely heard the term “smart home” before. But what exactly is a smart home and how exactly can it improve your life for the better? In this blog post, we explore the wonderful world of home automation, otherwise known as smart home technology. If you’re interested in transforming your home into a smart phone, contact Smart IT in Delray Beach today. We are happy to discuss your vision for your smart home, and help you transform that vision into a reality.


Smart homes are equipped with a number of devices that automate various household tasks that would normally be handled by humans, such as climate control, audio, lighting, windows, and more. Some smart devices are built into the structure of the home itself while others are added themselves. They can be operated with the simple click of a button or a voice command, allowing you to control your home environment from virtually anywhere in the world. Today, home automation technology is featuring more and more personalization options, so you can match your smart home to exactly the way you live.

Smart Lights

Smart lights not only help you set the perfect scene for any occasion, from waking up in the morning to throwing a party, but they also help save you considerable money on energy bills. By figuring out exactly when you are in or out of the house, smart lights can greatly improve your energy efficiency, easing the burden on both your wallet and the planet.

Smart Climate Control

With smart climate control technology, such as the popular Nest Learning Thermostat, your home can discover what temperatures you like at what times of day, and adjust the environment accordingly. Like smart lighting, smart climate control helps improve energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills. Smart lighting and smart climate control can easily be integrated together to create the perfect ambiance for any time of day.

Smart Security

At Smart IT, we know that keeping your family safe is at the top of your priority list. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art smart security and surveillance technology. Smart security devices, such as wired and wireless CCTV devices, motion sensors, and automated locks, help you keep your property free of intruders any time, day or night.

Smart Audio

With smart audio, whole home audio you can enjoy quality sound in every room of your home, whether you’re watching the big game in your media room or simply listening to music in bed. We offer only the highest quality whole home audio solutions to allow you infinite personalization and control. With the touch of a button or a voice command, you can listen to any artist, playlist, podcast, audiobook, or other audio feature you like from wherever you are in your home. Best of all, watching TV has never been so immersive, thanks to luxury surround sound features that seamlessly integrate into your home’s other automation systems.

Smart Window Treatments

Smart window treatments, such as motorized blinds, allow for further control over your home environment. With smart blinds, you can create preset scenes — such as bedtime, romantic dinners, cocktail parties, movie nights and more — and schedule them for anytime that you choose. We offer a hand-picked selection of designer fabrics to complement the aesthetic of any home.

Let Us Set Up Your Smart Home Today!

At Smart IT, we make setting up smart homes easy. Our home automation experts will help you choose exactly which features and devices you’d like, install them for you, and show you how to operate them. Looking to get started? Contact our office in Boca Raton today!