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How Outdoor Audio Can Enhance Your Home

Here in Delray Beach we’re blessed with incredible weather all year long, and there’s no better way to take advantage of those balmy, beautiful afternoons than with an outdoor audio system. Whether you love to hold killer parties by your pool or just like relaxing to some sunset jazz, an outdoor speaker system can immerse you in your idea of paradise. In this blog post, we extol just some of the virtues of an outdoor smart speaker system for your deck, patio, pool, or other outside space. Read on to learn more about our audio services, then schedule a free consultation with our A/V experts today.

It Can Withstand Mother Nature

Weather-wise it’s a wild world, but thankfully our outdoor audio systems can take on the elements, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy music, audiobooks, and more rain or shine.

It Can Match Your Landscaping

Blend your speakers in with natural features such as rocks or hang them from the ceiling or canopy. Outdoor speakers can integrate seamlessly with their surroundings, making sound come from seemingly nowhere. Make your garden come to life.

It Is Smart

Today’s outdoor speaker systems utilize the latest technologies to offer users more control than ever before. Smart speaker systems can be paired with your other devices, so you can access them from anywhere in the world.

It Lets You Throw Great Get-Togethers

Outdoor speakers make any type of party better, whether it’s a barbecue with family or an all-night celebration with friends. If you’ve got a great deck or patio and have been wondering why you’re not using it, an outdoor speaker system may be the missing element you need to make your gathering space truly a gathering.

It is the Perfect Binge Watch Buddy

Snuggle up for your favorite TV show or film beneath the stars by pairing your new speaker system with a projector or television. You’ll be able to watch what you want where you want it, and enjoy the latest surround sound technology.

It Lets You Signify Spaces

Isolate certain sounds to certain areas, so that the people on the patio don’t hear the conversation at the pool, or create an even sound throughout with speakers spread systematically throughout your landscape.

It Sounds Exquisite

Whether you’re looking for a soundscape that’s subtle and ambient or bassy and boomy, our speakers can provide. The sound quality of today’s speakers is better than ever before, so that your music sounds high-quality at both high and low listening levels.

It Lets You Enjoy the Great Outdoors All Year Long

In Palm Beach County we get amazing weather throughout the year. Take advantage of warm winter afternoons by the Atlantic with your favorite band.

Create Your Paradise in Delray Beach

The A/V professionals at Smart IT in Delray Beach and Boca Raton are here to make your dream outdoor space a reality. We’ll help you design the perfect layout for your outdoor speaker system, choose the highest quality audio to equip it with, then wire and install the entire system for you. Schedule a free consultation with us today to get started.